Best cryptocurrency mining software

Today, mining has become quite commonplace. Perhaps all the young and inquisitive have already made or continue to make attempts to try themselves in this new kind of business. Someone is upgrading best computers for bitcoin mining, someone collects farm or investing in expensive ASIC. Right, if you are interesting in what is the best bitcoin mining hardware? The answer is ASICs. The only thing you need is to start mining cryptocurrencies. If you choose to make it via computer, try to find best motherboard for mining. And this requires special software.

  •         Mining program for beginners
  •         Price: free.
  •        Supported platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10.

Nice Hash MinerLegacy

A universal program for a computer, supporting best motherboards for mining, understandable for beginners and useful for experienced crypto-enthusiasts who do not want to bother finding more complex software.

NHM software is designed for the extraction of various digital assets, but the payment of rewards is carried out only in the PTS. It has the function of automatic search for profitable algorithms to improve efficiency.

The advantages of Nice Hash Miner include:

  •         simple and well-thought interface with Russian language support;
  •         support for multiple algorithms;

·         automatic selection of coins for effective mining software (for Windows OS).

Claymore's Dual Miner

What are the best graphics card for bitcoin mining? nVidia or AMD. Program-miner open source is designed for a PC running best graphics card for mining from nVidia or AMD. Supports Lbry, Dagger, Keccak, Sia, Blake 2s, Decred algorithms. According to many miners, it is the most effective tool for mining Ethereum. It can work in dual-mining mode, i.e. simultaneously without losing performance to mine two cryptocurrencies: ether and another one to choose from.
What is the best computer for bitcoin mining with this software? The most modern one. This software is not intended for beginners, but experienced computer scientists have the ability to fully customize it to fit your needs and thereby optimize the mining process. The extraction of eth or in dual-mode you can reward the developer in the amount of 1.5%. If you disable this feature, the calculation efficiency decreases slightly.
  •         Price: free.
  •         Supported platforms: Windows and Linux
  •         The program is available for Windows and Linux;
  •         There is support for Russian language;
  •         There is a fine-tuning function.
  •         Universal easyminer program
  •         Price: free.
  •         Supported platforms: Windows.


EasyMiner justifies its name (“simple miner”). This is a free and extremely simple best cryptocurrency mining software with an intuitive interface: VTS, Sia, LTC, Deep, Quark, Vert, etc. Can work on the basis of console programs Cgminer, Ccminer, Cudaminer, Minerd, allows neophytes cryptomining to access their capabilities. Designed for GPU, CPU, ASICs.
Other advantages of EasyMiner:
  •         provides complete online information about the mining process, including hashrate, FPGA support, etc.;
  •         simple interface;
  •         suitable for beginners and experienced miners.
Of the minuses should be noted: work only on Windows, lack of support for the Russian language. But still supports best graphics card for bitcoin mining.


Another best cryptocurrency mining software, CGMiner fork. Can work with ASICs, best graphics card for mining, FPGA chips. It has ample opportunities to adjust to individual needs. There is a function of temperature monitoring, fan speed settings, the possibility of simultaneous operation in different pools. Suitable for Linux and Windows.

Undeniable advantages of the program:

  •         cross-platform;
  •         overclocking equipment;
  •         control the speed of the coolers.

The program is not designed for neophytes mining, only for pros, has no graphical interface and support for the Russian language.

  •         Multifunctional console miner
  •         Price: free.
  •         Supported platforms: Windows and Linux.
  •         Proven cryptocurrency mining software
  •         Price: free.
  •         Supported platforms: Windows 7, 8.1, 10.
  •         Learn more about the benefits:

    •         ability to control the speed of coolers;
    •         the presence of the event log;
    •         the GPU;
    •         cross-platform.


Software CGMiner known since 2011 and tested by many miners. Written in the C programming language and originally created as a program for bitcoins, but later began to support the Neoscrypt Protocol, which employs coins such as Trezar, Vivo, Orbit, Phornix, Halc. Not so long ago, CGMiner expanded its capabilities to the Cryptonight algorithm, which allows mining Monero and Decred.

The program for the cryptocurrency CGMiner does not have a graphics processor, all user actions are performed via the command line. Those who are used to working with the graphical shell can use CG Miner together with CG Watcher. Will it suite for best bitcoin mining hardware? Yes. The program supports different operating systems, is compatible with best GPU for mining, as well as with many models of ASICs, which is especially important today, when only special equipment is required for effective mining of PTS.
Cons: no multi-language interface and a graphical interface even with best GPU for mining. It is suitable only for experienced users.